The Adonis golden ratio offers men an easy route to fitness

One of the big deal is that I come across many times in my work with men is the question of how they are going to get into a relationship.

Often there are many misconceptions held by men about what women actually want in a relationship. Men tend to centre on the physical aspects of the relationships such as physical appearance, sexual capacity, and regrettably, even penis size. As far as the attractiveness of a prospective partner is concerned, men tend to focus on things like attractiveness, breast size, height, blonde hair and so on.

These are very superficial measurements of partners worth, and they tend to lead to misunderstandings, poor relationships, and superficial attractions which expire when the partners discover that they actually have very little in common.

The classic view of relationships is that for a relationship to succeed, there needs to be a considerable degree of empathy, emotional intimacy, and sexual pleasure between the partners.

Yet even though this is undoubtedly true, there is evidence that physical attractiveness plays a role in bringing people together. Years ago, research was conducted which demonstrated that people find partners who are approximately as attractive as themselves, presumably because their self-worth is based at, at least to some degree, on the level of physical attractiveness that they perceive they possess.

Now if this were true, it would clearly mean that a man who could make himself more attractive, and who knew he was more attractive, would have an advantage in dating and mating — a crude way of saying establishing a relationship and enjoying sex.

photo1 (13)So is it true that women are affected by how attractive a man is, is it true that women simply rely on physical attraction, is it true that looking good will get you the girl?

It’s a fascinating question, because we traditionally assumed the years — in accordance with what is now known as the double standard, that women are more interested in emotional connection, and far less likely to seek sex for sex’s sake than men are.

Yet the truth of the matter appears to be that women are just as interested in sex is men, and they’re just as interested in men’s physical appearances men are in women’s physical appearance.

What seems to be different is that the subsequent actions when a man and a woman find a member of the opposite sex attractive are different – women will then test the man in various ways, establishing whether or not he would be a reliable partner for a long-term relationship; men, by contrast, seem to want to engage in sex, and are not necessarily interested in relationship — even though they may make false promises to get the immediate reward of intercourse.

Now all of these things are clearly quite identifiable with preconceptions that sociobiologists have about male sexual behaviour: that women need to make sure a man is going to stick around to help raise the children, while the man is more interested in procreating with as many women as possible, and investing as little time and energy as possible in the relationship.

Couple enjoying SunsetIt would be nice to think that our evolution has led to a situation where men are more interested in a long-term relationship an emotional connection, while women are interested in the same thing, but the truth of the matter is that our evolution appears to have snared a simple situation where we are superficially bound by our genetic inheritance to reproduce in a certain way — women finding a partner the long-term, while men look for a woman to inseminate and move on.

So what can we do to consciously interfere with these establish patterns of sexual behaviour?

Well, one thing that can certainly be done is for a man to make himself look as attractive as possible, so that he attracts in turn the more attractive women. How does this help you may ask?

the answer here seems to be that if a man is with an attractive woman he’s going to be more likely to stick around, and enjoy sex with in the long-term – there’s certainly a lot of evidence to suggest that physical attraction is compelling fact for men.

On the other side of the equation, woman obviously wants get the man who represents the best possible partner for her sexually and for the children’s genetic inheritance. It transpires that one bizarre factor that can identify genetically whether or not a man is a good mate from woman is what proportion the different parts of his body take towards each other.

If he fulfils the criteria of the golden ratio, in terms of shoulder width to waste width, and torso length to complete height, then he is genetically seen as more attractive, and more likely to be “fit” (in a biological sense) by a woman.

Now clearly this is genetically plausible, but what is more likely is that some entrepreneur has come up with a system from men to rebalance their body into the classic golden ratio proportions, and become as it were, something of an Adonis.

It may therefore not surprise you to learn that the system in question is a weight loss, body toning and fitness program from men, called the Adonis golden ratio. You can click here to find out all about it – it’s also marketed as the Adonis Index, and is written by John Barban, a man who spent his life in the field of weight loss, dieting and body shape.

Now whether or not is going to get you the girl is no question, but if you’re interested in getting a better body, feeling fine, reducing stress, and above all losing weight rapidly, then the Adonis golden ratio is a great program for you. And, if it happens to get you the girl, even better!

Text your ex back

Now you may think that is kind of crazy to suggest that a system of relationship and you’re based on text messaging and possibly save your relationship, or get your relationship back online.

And I can quite understand why you might think that, because text messaging is a system that used to convey information on a dispassionate basis, usually around things like whether a train is going to get in on time or not.

But of course it’s also used to convey emotional messages between partners in relationship, and the very fact that it can be used in both these ways is actually the basis of the whole system that will allow you to use it for the renewal of a relationship after you’ve broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Video – Mike Fiore

You see, by starting with messages that simply convey information in a quite dispassionate and unemotional, you can read build interest and later trust with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, specifically by following the instructions in Michael Fiore’s system called Text Your Ex Back.

As you may or may not know, Mike Fiori is the guru of Internet dating and relationship programs, having produced such gems as “Text Your Wife Into Bed”, “Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever”, in conjunction with Claire Casey, and indeed the one we are currently discussing which is called Text Your Ex Back. You can read more here.

Now I fully support all of those people who suggest that a new relationship advice systems like this can be dodgy, because they’re often produced for the sake of making money on the Internet by selling cheap programs with no backup are no guarantee of success.

Where Mike Fiore differs, of course, is that he is a man of integrity, to whom I have personally spoken many times, and with whom I have conducted interviews, leaving me in no doubt that even though he lacks formal psychological counselling training, he is actually well qualified to advise on how to establish relationships that work.

Mike Fiore has been producing Internet programs on relationships over 10 years now, the reason he succeeded so massively, is because all he’s done is to distil down into a comprehensive and simple fashion, all the information facts and advice that we all know to be true about how relationships work.

Now, even if you’re somewhat doubtful about the possibility of writing text messages, I advise you to try this. The way it works is that you’re provided with information about every stage of the process gradually increasing intimacy between you and your ex-partner.

You start by sending messages which are based on information provision, and gradually build up more and more emotionally intimate messages which give partner and entirely clear sense of your desire to re-establish a relationship.

And “re-establish a relationship” is exactly what you have to do here, because this isn’t about rebuilding relationship you’ve lost because you want somebody back, just for the sake of your ego or public appearance.

You genuinely have to want a new relationship, with the person that you once loved, perhaps loving them in a new way which allows different expression of individual thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Of course is not easy to establish and you really knew relationship with ex-partner with whom you’ve broken up, you can’t do it in exactly the same way, because if you do, all the old issues that upset you before will resurface.

What has to happen here, is that the relationships built on new principles of mutual understanding and respect — and so your motivation is absolutely essential before you even start out on this program. Fortunately, Text Your Ex Back Contains a whole community of people to whom you have access when she bought into the program, allowing you to explain yourself and your actions to them, get feedback, and be honoured for the success — or otherwise — of what you’ve been doing with this new and exciting relationship breakup “mender”.

There’s no need to suffer with acid reflux

Our first post concerns one of the most common medical conditions experienced by the population of America and the Western world — acid reflux, heartburn, and acid indigestion.

Now you may wonder what all the fuss is about, assuming that the odd case of acid reflux is a natural part of life, but the truth of the matter is that it’s an extremely uncomfortable, even painful, condition for vast numbers of people — about half the population are expected to suffer from heartburn or acid reflux at least once a month.

Now this raises the interesting question of why heartburn is so widespread. One of the answer seems to be that it’s related to some stressful conditions, although the link is not yet proven. A lot of doctors take the view that acid reflux can be dealt with by the prescription of proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs, such as Prilosec.

Here’s a video about acid reflux

However there is plenty of evidence that dealing with acid reflux by prescribing these medications has several disadvantages. First and foremost amongst them is the fact that PPI’s are heavy duty medication that stops us productions them very effectively, but when you stop taking it there’s a massive rebound effect because the body has become dependent on them.

Secondly, they do have some dramatic side-effects, which is mostly round susceptibility to pneumonia, Clostridium difficile, bone loss and osteoporosis in elderly people.

They were designed originally for dealing with severe conditions like ulcers, and certainly there are questions over their use for minor cases of acid reflux, no matter how comfortable this condition may be.

And a better approach is properly to take hydrogen blockers such as Tagamet or Zantac, manufactured under the generic names of ranitidine and cimetidine. These are an older generation medication but they are effective in suppressing the production of stomach acid, and they don’t have the same side-effects as compounds like Prilosec.

Now another approach to dealing with acid reflux is to actually eliminate this causes of the problem, which includes stress, a fact which is entirely under your control. Other conditions which are so associated with acid reflux include the presence of Heliobacter pylori in the stomach, which is an infection with bacteria, and is usually dealt with by antibiotics, and symptoms of hiatal hernia.

Treating Heliobacter pylori by means of antibiotics is a double-edged sword, because antibiotic resistance is becoming a major problem in society, and in any event, there’s plenty of evidence that dealing with this infection is not eliminating the underlying causes that allow it to flourish.

These conditions could be summed up as: an excessive consumption of sugars, low stomach acid due to lack of vitamin D, poor nutrition, and the absence of the correct dietary supplements necessary for good health.

Dr Joseph Mercola has written a great deal on the subject of Acid reflux, and he’s certainly not in favour of the prescription of PPIs — taking the view that a more holistic approach is a far better one in dealing with this particular condition. Here’s his video on the subject:

Having experienced acid reflux myself I actually agree with him completely, but nonetheless the fact of the matter remains that unless people switch to holistic medication and self care, then the prescription of these drugs is going to remain the standard treatment for acid reflux for a very long time to come.

My recommended approach to treating acid reflux is to obtain some kind of therapeutic help (to eliminate any stress that may be contributing to the excessive production of acid in the stomach and reduce or eliminate that acid), gradually wean yourself off PPIs if you’ve been prescribed them, and substitute hydrogen blockers, and then use a program like heartburn no more, which outlines one of the most effective holistic treatment approaches possible for this condition.