The Single Speed Mountain Bike Reviews

The single speed mountain bike doesn’t have any gears like a traditional mountain bike.  The gears on regular mountain bikes amplify the force created by pedaling to a greater or lesser extent allowing the  rider to adjust their exertion level according to the terrain. Mountain bikes seem like the last place that a single speed setup would be advantageous. However, they have recently become popular among many mountain bike riders, both novice and experienced.

Advantages of The Single Speed Mountain Bike

Proponents of the single speed mountain bike have various reasons for their choice. Some say it is a ‘purer’ choice, where what you can do is based strictly on your strength and skill without the assistance  of gears. Others cite more practical concerns such as efficiency and weight.


A single speed is considerably lighter than a bike with full gears. Extreme riders who have trimmed every ounce of weight off their bikes will likely see an obvious change in how the bike rides after it loses 2-3 pounds of  weight in derailleurs, gears, shifters and cables. The chain on a single speed is also more efficient several  percent when compared to a geared mountain bike.

Riders who enjoy being at one with nature appreciate the simplicity of a single speed mountain bike because it does not require as much concentration. There are fewer parts that can snag on rocks and branches and more importantly, there’s no thinking about which gear is needed. A single speed bike is reduced to pedals and brakes with only the rider’s effort and the terrain to adjust speed.

Of course, mountain bikers are not without their pride and riding a single speed requires considerably more effort than riding a 28-speed on the same route. The ability to conquer a trail on a single speed is bound to make any rider feel good about themselves. It can also create new challenges out of old routes that have become boring and predictable, especially for those riders who are stuck close to home.

Disadvantages of The Single Speed Mountain Bike

The main disadvantage is the obvious one. Single speed mountain bikes lack the ability to shift into a lower gear in order to get up a big hill or remain stable at low speeds. They also lack the ability to shift into a higher gear in order to increase speed without increasing cadence.

One disadvantage that most single-speeders are well aware of is that the rest of the mountain biking community views them as strange or even stupid. The prevailing attitude seems that be that there is no reason to go with a single speed when bikes with gears exist. However, there are also plenty of riders who don’t understand the appeal but certainly don’t care if you do.

How to Make a Single Speed Mountain Bike

single-speedObviously, you can simply purchase a single speed bike. However, finding a single speed mountain bike for sale is a real challenge, because it is a pretty obscure sport. Most people who ride single speed mountain bikes modify an existing bike because this is the easiest way to get a single speed that maintains the other advantages of a mountain bike.

Making a single speed out of a geared bike mostly involves removing parts, so it doesn’t take a lot of money. However, you will need some equipment such as spacers. A possible cheap or free source of these is your local bike shop, which may be willing to give you junk parts from which these can be salvaged.

The Internet is probably the most important resource an aspiring single speeder has. People who want to buy a single speed mountain bike are most likely to find one online. There are articles detailing every step of the process to convert a geared bike into a single speed available on the internet should you chose to build your own. There are also chat rooms, forums, and other resources available that cover pretty much anything you need to know about building your own single speed mountain bike so go surfing for more info and start building your bike today.

Shimano Pedals – The Inventors of SPD

Shimano pedals released SPDs (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) in 1990 and the system has been one of the most widely used since. Shimano pedals were one of the first clipless pedal systems invented, revolutionizing the market for pedals and bringing clipless pedals to the masses. Three factors stand out.

Shimano Pedals -spd are easy to use

shimano-pedalsPreviously, to ensure the best contact between foot and pedal, and the best pedaling ability, pedals came with clips and straps. Straps were tightened after the foot was in place. To disengage, one would loosen the strap to open the clips around the foot. But with Shimano pedals, there is a cleat attached to the bottom of the shoe. The cleat snaps into the SPD pedal and is held in place with spring tension similar to ski bindings. The foot is disengaged from the pedal with a flick of the heel. To connect to the SPD pedal is also simple – step down on the pedal. This new system proved easier to use and safer than pedals with straps and clips.

Development of shoe options

Because the Shimano pedals SPD cleats were small enough, shoes were developed with a recessed area so the cleat did not protrude from the bottom. This made walking easier. Also, this type of shoe works better for mountain biking since there can be areas on the trail where one must dismount and run the bike. This type of shoe gained popularity with riders who want to stop during the ride. It is much easier and safer to traverse coffee shops with a recessed cleat. SPD pedals are now widely used in fitness centers on spin bikes, and the shoes make traversing the gym safer.

Shimano Pedals – Easy to adjust

shimanoShimano pedals SPD tension can be adjusted to make engagement between cleat and pedal tight or less tight based on rider preference. This is especially helpful for a rider new to clipless pedals since a lighter tension will ease engaging and disengaging, as when coming to a stop. Also convenient is the fact that Shimano SPD pedals are double sided – it doesn’t matter which side is facing up when the rider steps down on the pedal. SPD pedals are frequently recommended for many as their first clipless pedal system. There are at least 6 different models of mountain SPDs, designed for better mud shedding, and including one with a platform that does not require a cleated shoe.

In addition to SPD pedals appropriate for mountain bikes, there are touring models with a pedal body platform that is wider, enhancing the power transfer. These road touring pedals can be used with the same cleats and shoes as mountain SPDs. Though not double sided, the road touring pedals are weighted so that they hang at the correct angle for easy engagement of foot and cleat. There are also SPD-SL pedals in 4 different levels, suitable for road racing with a focus on maximum power transfer.


Shimano bicycle parts are sold throughout the world with components for the bike’s drivetrain, brakes, wheels, and pedals for all types of bikes – mountain, road and hybrid. In addition to SPD pedals, Shimano has led and dominated bike parts technology with the development of STI (Shimano Total Integration) an integrated brake lever and shifter system, and the freehub (developed in 1970). The most recent notable advance on bike parts technology include Shimano’s Di2 systems that utilize electronic impulses for shifting, instead of cables. Shimano also produces fishing tackle and rowing systems.

Must Visit Tourist Places in India

St. Marry’s Church: It is one of the famous spots among tourists. Interesting pictures belonged to the pre – independence era; visual –audio displays about the glorious history of the regiment are the main attraction of the nave

Tin-In-Top: Located very close to the St. Marry’s Church, the Tin-In-Top offers the magnificent and breathtaking views of Himalayas that always enchant the senses of tourists.


Tarkeshwar Mahadev: Situated 38 km away from the Lansdowne it is a temple of Lord Shiva. Surrounded by Cedar trees and lush green vegetation the temple always attracts the interest of tourists in Lansdowne.

Tarkeshwar Mahadev

Lansdowne is invigorating place which is situated in the Pauri region of Uttarakhand. Bracing air, picturesque views of peaks covered by snow and conserving nature inspire tranquility and peace. If you want to take the pleasure of unique natural beauty of mountains and lush green vegetation then the Lansdowne is an ideal place for vacations. Nestled in the Himalayas the place is boasted by numerous interesting places.



Few best places of interest in Landsdowne are:

Regimental Museum: Established in the year 1983 the museum exhibits the Garhwal rifles, antique articles belonged to the Garhwal region and other masterpieces.

Apart from these places, Durga Devi Temple, Hawaghar, Bhulla Tal, Garhwali Mess and the Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial should not be missed in Landsdowne.


If you are planning to visit this splendid place to delight your vacation then the Air travelling will be the finest option for you. Jolly Grant Airport is the closest Airport separated 145 km from the Lansdowne. The connectivity of roads is very good from the Airport to Lansdowne Hill Station. Private Coaches and taxis are always available outside the Airport for tourists’ comfort. You can easily avail their service to travel within and nearby locations of Lansdowne.

Indian Wildlife Tourism Resources (2)


Assam is an incredible state which is located in the north east part of India. This diverse state is very famous for its rich biodiversity and comprises the Barak and Brahmaputra river valleys. Exotic wildlife, amazing culture, mighty rivers and landscapes attract numerous tourists to this splendid place.Historical places like Talatar Ghar, Rang Ghar, Kareng Ghar, Agnigarh, Madan Kamdev and temples that include Vaishnava Sattras, Kamkhya and Hajo temple are very popular destinations of the state. In addition to this, Assam is also known for its exotic wildlife and the Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary is a prominent part of it.


The Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary is located in the Sivsagar district of Assam and famous for its scenic beauty. Expanded over an area, this place is a true paradise for bird watchers. The lush green landscapes and chirping sounds of birds in the sanctuary area offers a great peace of mind from bustling life. The sanctuary boasts by different species of aquatic birds that invites thousands of freak and enthusiastic nature lovers. During the winter season thousands of migratory birds arrive here from the cold lands of Tibet, Europe and Siberia.



It is a beautiful city that is situated in Kannur district in the State of Kerala. Kannur is also known by the term “Cannore”. It is one of the largest cities of Kerala. The city is known for its beautiful beaches which attracts numbers of tourists.

kannur kotta kannur india

The city has few beautiful beaches where you can have a great time with your family members. The Payammballam Beach is a popular beach of the city which has a beautiful garden also. You can enjoy strolling on the soft sand of the beach especially during sunset which makes the beach more dazzling and calm. Many leisure activities can also be enjoyed on the beach like boating, fishing and swimming. Other than this Kannur has some other smaller beaches also like Baby Beach, Thottada Beach, etc.

There are several other attractions also other than the beach which are worth seeing and some among these are the St Angelo Fort, the Cannanore Lighthouse, and the Azzhikal Ferry. For the art lovers it has a popular museum which is known by the name “Arrakal Museum”.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels in the city that provide proper accommodation to the visitors. These hotels provide the comfortable semi deluxe and deluxe rooms according to the budget people and fine dining. These services are offered in the city at very reasonable prices. There are several restaurants and takeaways in the city which offer varieties of delicious cuisines especially the South Indian food where tourists can feed themselves.



Tamil Nadu is situated in the southern part of India and shares its boundary with Kerela, Karnataka, Pondicherry, Andra Pradesh etc. Tamil Nadu is the land of many sightseeing hill stations, pilgrimage centers, beaches and ancient monuments. Kodaikanal city is one of them, so here we talk about this splendid tourist destination.


Kodaikanal is a beautiful city which is located in the Tamil Nadu state of India. The Gift of The Forest and Princess of Hill stations are some of the common names use to depict this splendid place. Various mighty rocks, beautiful lakes, enhancing waterfalls, wooded slopes, wide variety of fauna and flora flourish the beauty of Kodaikanal. Berijam Lake which is situated 21 km away from this city attracts thousands of tourists every year. This lake is one of the most attractive lakes of India and very popular for its serene atmosphere.

Various adventures activities like trekking, rock climbing and many more offers a great sense of fascination. Khadi Emporium, Government Sales Emporium, Handloom Co-operative Stores and Travancore Crafts Work and Kurinji Mini Supermarket are the famous spots for shopping.

Fantastic climatic conditions of this place are the best to relax from the bustling hustling life of busy cities. Golf Club which is situated at the distance of 5 km from this place offer a great time to spend leisure time. Apart from this Angling, Boating and Picturesque routes will please your mood. Summer Festivals, Cultural programs, boat races and many more add majesty to this destination.

Madurai Airport is the nearest airport to Kodaikanal. It is located at the distance of 120 km from Kodaikanal city. You can easily hire a private cab from outside the Airport to reach this magnificent place.


The southern part of India is known for its attractive coastal towns and villages which attract plenty of tourists every year and one among these places is Vengurla. It is a popular tourist spot that falls in the district of Sindhudurg in the state of Maharashtra, India. The village is situated on the bank of Arabian Sea and is known for its marvelous beach.

matond sateri temple

The beautiful beach of the town has several green palm trees situated on the sparkling sand which is surrounded by the clear water makes it a magical place. All these make it the best place where you can relax yourself. Every year thousands of tourists travel to the town to enjoy a soothing and refreshing vacation with their family on this attractive beach of Vengurla. On the beach you can also enjoy many leisure activities like boating, swimming and fishing. There are several open air restaurants and vendors near to the beach where you enjoy delicious street food and coconut water.

To provide comfortable accommodation to the travelers the town has several lodges which offer rooms of almost all budgets. There are several takeaways and restaurants in the town where the tourists can feed themselves. The village also has several recreational centers which can entertain the children and adults also.

There are several other attractions also in the village other than the beaches like its ancient temples. One most popular temple of the village is the temple of Lord Shiva which attracts thousands of devotees from different part of countries especially during the festival of Shivratri.

Indian Wildlife Tourism Resources (1)

Bandhavgarh: A Walk in wildlife National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park TourThe main animals of the park include Leopard, Wild Boars, Sloth Bear, Panthers, Tigers, Sambar Deer, four Horned Antelope, Nilgais, Hyena, Newal, Hanuman etc. and can be easily spotted in the park. Beside this various species of birds like Grey Patridges, Malabar, Pied Hornbill, Nightjars, Bulbul, Kingfisher, Paradise fly, White tailed Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Vultures, Lesser Kestrel, Grey headed Fish Eagle and Dronge Swallow are the family part of the Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Special Tips:
  • Best time to visit: November- April
  • Accommodation: Two rest houses are available at Bhimbandh for the stay.
  • Hire a tourist guide to explore more about the Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Reaching at this place is very easy through the option of air travelling. This is the easiest way to save money as well as time. Patna Airport also famous as the Jaiprakash Narayan Airport is the closest Airport and it lies nearly at distance of 200 km from the Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary. You can book your air tickets from online websites.



BHIMBANDH WILDLIFE SANCTUARYBihar is located in northern part of India and very well known for its religious sites, learning centers and ancient civilization. This state comes under the category of the largest states of India and blessed with many famous wildlife sanctuaries.

Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Mungar district, Bihar and expands over a total area of 682 sq. km. This wildlife Sanctuary is one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries of Bihar and has a huge collection of flora and fauna. Vivacious atmosphere, adorable streams and hot water spring in the park fascinate many domestic and foreigner tourists every year to Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is the finest destination to delight your vacations especially you are a freaky lover of nature.



Chhattisgarh is an incredible state which is located in the heart of India. This region of this state has 44 percent of the total area is covered under forests. Ware falls, Buddhist sites, ancient monuments, hill plateaus and unique culture of this place invites thousands of tourists to this magnificent place. Chhattisgarh shares 12 percent of India’s total forests and has 11 wildlife Sanctuaries and 3 National Parks which are the major attractions of the state. Sita Nadi Sanctuary is very famous and prominent among them.


In the district of Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh there is a picturesque sanctuary located which is known as Sita Nadi Sanctuary. Sprawls in the total 556 sq. km area this sanctuary was established in the year 1974. Situated at the altitude of 736 m from the ground level the sanctuary is very famous for its huge variety of flora and fauna. The Sitanadi River flows through the sanctuary area flourish the beauty of the whole place in it apogees. Serene Atmosphere, the enchanting sounds of birds; magnificent scenery will delight your vacations.


Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: Paradise of Birds

The sanctuary is a paradise of various species of birds and mainly includes Spot billed Duck, Grey leg Goose, Mallard, Gadwall, Gargany, Wigeon, Red crested Pochard, Shoveller, Common Pochard, Adjutant stork, Open bill stork, Ferruginous Duck, White necked stork etc. You can easily spot these birds in the sanctuary area.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Special Tips: 
  • Best time to visit: November to April
  • Hotels and guest houses are available at Sivsagar
  • Hire a Guide to know more about the sanctuary.

Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport also famous a Guwahati Airport is the nearest Airport to reach the Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary. Cabs and private coaches are easily available from outside the Airport. So book your flights and enjoy your journey.

Leupold GX-1 Digital Golf Rangefinder Review

gx1Leupold are renowned for constructing tough and durable products and the Leupold GX-1 Digital Golf Rangefinder is no exception. It is a wonderful rangefinder that comes complete with some very enhanced functions. The GX-1 is mostly developed around the Prism Lock function and the PinHunter functions. These attributes allow the unit to accurately locate the pin so that is provides a more exact measurement. It additionally ensures it does not get confused with other objects. It just determines where the pin is and locks down the image until it measures the distance.

The Leupold GX-1 Digital Golf Rangefinder works by firing a laser beam at the target. It then takes the return of that beam and measures the distance away. It is clever enough to identify exactly what are other items and which one is the pin itself. It can easily determine up to 750 yards and provide exact pin readings of up to 350 yards. It also has an useful scan mode which will carefully scan various items in one pan and helps it to select the correct item, ie the pin. The Fog method also assures the laser reaches the pin and doesn’t offer inaccurate readings by hitting the fog itself.

Leupold GX-1 Digital Golf Rangefinder Main Features

– Gives extremely exact readings at up to 750 yards

– Has a built in PinHunter feature to assist you picking out the pin

– Fog mode ensures the laser cuts straight through the fog

– Advanced software application helps to give extremely accurate results

– Has a magnification of 6x

Leupold GX-1 Digital Golf Rangefinder Summary

The Leupold GX-1 Digital Golf Rangefinder is an extremely reliable and value for money item. Its innovative technology makes sure the readings are exact each and every time you utilize it. This ensures that your game will certainly be quickly enhanced as you’ll be able to select the right clubs for each shot without having to just take a wild guess exactly where the pin is.

All You Need to Know About Lower Back Pain

Among many people, pain in the lower back is a serious concern. In the Americans, there are up to 90% people who get affected by lower back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is not some kind of disease, but rather it is just a condition. It is not always necessary that there would be a specific cause to lower back pain and in case of up to 85% people who go through lower back pain, there is no specific cause that can be identified for their condition.

Lower Back Pain

Causes of lower back pain

It is the injury or disease of muscles that tend to be the most common causes of lower back pain. Another cause of lower back pain can be associated with the abnormalities in any organs like the abdomen, pelvis or of the chest. If the lower back pain is because of any of these reasons, it is known as referred pain. Some of the disorders in the abdomen, diseases of the kidneys, and bladder and pelvic infections along with ovarian disorders can be the major cause of lower back pain. In addition to these disorders, conditions like pregnancy can also cause lower back pain.

Symptoms of lower back pain

The intensity of the lower back pain can vary depending upon what the symptoms are. The lower back pain can either be acute or chronic in nature. The acute lower back pain lasts for less than 6 weeks, the sub-acute lower back pain for 6 weeks to 3 months and the chronic lower back pain may last for more than 3 months. Some of the other symptoms that can appear along with lower back pain include high fever, swelling/redness on back, pain in the legs, numbness coupled with pain in legs or around buttocks, losing control of bladder, intense pain especially at night.

Treating Back pain

For the non-specific kind of back pain, you will be recommended by the GP to do some self-help measures for the lower back pain. If you were going through chronic or severe lower back pain, then the recommendation for you would be to get physical therapy. When specific causes are identified for lower back pain, then it might be required that you would be referred to a pain clinic where you can receive spine injections for treating the pain and helping you get rid of it.

Prevention and Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Most individuals are currently experiencing lower back pain. Though this ailment is known as one of the common disease that acquired by most number of people worldwide, it is still one of the most alarming and painful ailment that requires prolonged adjustments and treatments.

In lieu of the unnerving and aching situations brought about by lower back pain, various preventions and treatments are known in order to reduce the possibility of acquiring the disease and effectively cure it. Various means in order to avoid and gain relief from the intense pain of the dreadful disease rampantly uncovered to aid low back pain patients to recuperate and survive. Though some methods requires ample of time, efforts and resources, patients take the risks and opportunity to be able to gain relief and cure.

Prevention and Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

In order to hamper lower back pain, one has to know the pertinent symptoms of the disease. When one knows its signs and symptoms, the possibility of acquiring the disease or worsening your condition will be lessened. In addition, an individual’s preventive awareness will enable him or her to take necessary precautions, medications and alternatives, protecting themselves from the onslaught of intense pain.

Below are the known symptoms of lower back pain:

  • Back and leg pain
  • Difficulty in standing or sitting with your back straight
  • Recurring muscle pains
  • Back has difficulty moving
  • Stabbing or shooting pains
  • Joint pains

Lower Back Pain Prevention

To prevent lower back pain, the following preventive measures should be followed:

  • If you are overweight or obese, take time to lose weight.
  • Avoid exhausting physical tasks and activities, most especially the old aged.
  • In doing tasks and other activities, proper posture must be preserved.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid sudden twist, bends and turns.
  • In doing tasks or exercises, do not overstretch your muscles.
  • To squat or kneel is more appropriate than bending.
  • Take chance to implement routine breaks on tasks that consume your time, strength and effort.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Perform tasks or activities without straining your backs.
  • Squat or kneel before lifting.
  • Lift only those items that you can genuinely carry. If you have sensed that its weight is too much for you, leave it or ask somebody stronger to do the lifting for you.
  • Exercise regularly but do not overdo it.
  • Make use of armchairs when sitting and make sure your back inclines comfortably on the chair’s backrest.
  • Use comfortable pillows and use mattresses that have are moderately dense.
  • Take time to monitor tasks or activities that have cause lower back pain. Upon recognizing the tasks or activities, give lesser efforts, reduce time consumed in doing it, or if possible avoid doing them ever.

Sources say that the following individuals are likely to acquire lower back pain:

  • Cigarette or tobacco smokers
  • Females
  • Overweight or obese
  • Individuals that are suffering from depressions and anxiety

Lower Back Pain Treatments

There are known remedies to reduce or cure lower back pains. Most can be executed in your own homes or some requires the presence of doctors and specialists.

Home Treatment

  • Cold or Hot compress
  • Taking pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • Walking
  • Increase mobility
  • Take normal rests
  • Do relevant exercises
  • Eat healthy meals to maintain ideal weight

Medical Treatments

  • Physical Therapy
  • Back Surgery
  • Lower back pain treatment involving incisions and intravenous or intramuscular injection

Though prevention and treatments are determined, some back pains are often acquired on unexpected incidents or mishaps. Thus, it is vital that beyond preventing and treating, safety and precautions are deem necessary.